Stuntman Roy jumps from 59ft

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Roy Hansson, 42 from Sweden started to do stunt jumps for fun at the age of ten.

He remember his parents telling him that he wanted to become a stuntman at the age of five. Roy took his first professional stunt courses at the age of 24 in both Sweden and Australia (Australian Stunt Academy), fast forward today he has hundred of jumps throughout his career.

The first job in the movie business was as a extra, he remembered calling over and over again to land his first part and since then it has just moved forward. I ask him how it is to work on movie sets and Roy tells me that a lot of extras improvise and break the rules just to get discovered. He has witnessed those who have got warnings and those who have had to leave the set as well. He continues to say that there are strict rules that should be followed.


”I rather jump into carboard boxes”

On the question why he chooses to jump into cardboard boxes he answers that it is much better because he can use them a few times and are easier to pack and store than a 440 pound airbag.

The Swedish city Laholm has contacted Roy before but the was unable to participate because he was currently working. But now he had the time and started planning a 59ft jump. I ask him what goes thru your mind while you stand outside of the crane cage? -Im focusing on the jump and I know that it will only be a matter of seconds before I am among the cardboard boxes. Since today’s jump is from a crane all I have to do is to let go of the bar and try not to shake the cage to much. Otherwise there is a chance that I land where I didn’t plan to. It is hard for me to get sponsors because of the high risk and companies rather avoid those types of headlines in the newspaper.


”Free fall from 98ft – you just got to let go”

My highest jump was from 98ft and a friend of mine calculated that I was up to a speed of 59mph. But today the jump is only from 59ft so I´ll come up to a speed of 43mph. It´s a bit windy today but it will be fine. I ask him of any fears while standing outside the crane cage but Roy tells me that he is comfortable with heights for a long time now. -I took my parachute certificate right after my military service. But I avoid bungy jumping because there is a bigger risk of getting hurt the says while laughing.


”New thriller series on TV during 2018”

Roy tells me about his future projects where he will do stunts in a thriller series during 2018 starring Dragan Mrsic (Easy Money & Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise). Roy goes on telling me about movies and pilots where he had both lines and stuns scenes. I have once played a police officer that gets shot otherwise I always play a bad guy that gets shot or executed he’s says while laughing.


It all sounds exiting so we wish him well and are looking forward to continue seeing Roy in movies and TV-shows.


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